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Welcome to PicJew – a large collection of quality pictures on the subject of Judaism


To whom is the site addressed and what niche is it meant to fill?

The collection is intended for anyone wishing to find a wide range of illustrations, pictures and photos.   It could especially interest advertisers, graphic artists (those who work with any printed material such as newspapers, books, pamphlets and the like), and general artists.

PicJew was jointly initiated by Israeli photographers and graphic artists who recognize the needs of professionals in the field and set out to fill a gap to the ever-growing demand for Jewishly oriented pictures from home-grown talent around the nation.


How many pictures does the site include and in which categories?

This collection includes thousands of specially designed and high quality photos and greeting cards. The photos capture and express Jewish-oriented subjects and the lives of Jews from all spectrums.


What are the advantages of being a subscriber?

This site also makes it possible for subscribers to use the personal album feature and to save the purchased pictures for an indefinite period of time so that they can be used over again without further cost. This same feature also allows one to gather and save photos before downloading in order to make choices with greater ease.

Special package deals are also available at great cost savings for those who subscribe.

The photos on the site are updated frequently in order to provide the best content to our subscribers.


Our clients: 

"Yediyot Achronot" Newspaper, "mishpacha" newspaper, "hapeles" newspaper,"hamevaser" newspaper,  "Yeted Ne'eman" Newspaper, "Hamodyah" Newspaper, "Hakehilla" Newspaper, "Be'sheva" Newspaper, "Bolton Effective" Advertising Agency, "Mentah" Advertising Agency, "Agass" Advertising Agency, "Markmanship" Advertising Agency, "Marveh Lazameh" Newspaper, Beth Jacob teacher's school, "Modan" Publishers


Our photographers: 

Picjew site, Boruch Ya'ari, Meir Alfassi, Eli Segall, Eliyahu Kobin, Aron Leibovitch, Moshe Colton, Studio Poster, Sophie Eden, Adam Prop, Josef Or, Daniel Shay, Kobi Katz



If you have any further questions or comment, please contact us at:

[email protected]

Hoping to service you and your creative side,

The Staff of PicJew